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Life Safety Systems, Inc. (LSSI) is a professional NBC equipment company that provides high-quality protection, detection, decontamination, and high-explosives mitigation products, systems, vehicles, consulting and training.

LSSI is an authorized supplier to U.S. Government agencies, all branches of the military, state and local law enforcement, and fire/rescue agencies. LSSI restricts the sale of our products to authorized agencies only, both in the United States and internationally. LSSI does not supply any products, services or equipment to the civilian sector.

Your request for products or systems via fax must be provided on official agency or department stationery. Fax to our sales department at (831) 728-1964.

Receive detailed specifications on our equipment, vehicles, consulting or training by contacting our staff at (831) 728-9090 or

International Orders
LSSI has agents and distributors located in countries worldwide. Call (831) 728-9090 for your closest agency contact.

Life Safety Systems, Inc. - Protection, Detection, Decontamination, Explosives Mitigation, Specialized Response Vehicles

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